Cleaning Action oscillate 5,000 / min
Modes / Speeds 1 mode / 1 speed
Timer no
Pressure Sensor no
Replaceable Head yes
Power Source aa battery
Battery Life up to 120 min
Charge Time
Charge Indicator no
Guarantee 2 years
RRP £9.99

A low priced powered toothbrush made by Colgate the Actibrush comes with hardly any functions which is shown by the reduced price.

This example comes with only a single speed and 1 brushing mode to play with. The facility of a selection of cleaning speeds and modes can be desireable for families where more than one person could have use of the toothbrush. When that’s the case each user must use an alternate head.

A disposable aa battery provides the energy for this particular example, which is uncommon nowadays, for current electric toothbrushes.

The Actibrush employs a head which benefits from a rotating / oscillating action an improvement over a rudimentary rotation or vibration. This one works at a frequency of 5000 movements per min. Rotating-oscillating type toothbrushes are the sole category of brush established to be more effective than a normal toothbrush in eliminating oral plaque causing bacteria and gingivitis by independant testers.

This brush has no pressure sensor requiring the user to guess if they are brushing too robustly and not a timer.

As appears to be the standard the brush head is changeable. Just one head is included in the package. The lack of a stand is frustrating and to further disappoint there is no brush head cover or holiday travel case, so it is not the most desireable alternative for using on the move.

Some of the main points about the Actibrush from Colgate are that it is adequate when it comes to comfort and ease of use not a point that usually is shown by the numbers. Furthermore it is deficient with respect of it’s brushing action which must be the main ingredient of any powered brush and furthermore it exhibits an unimpressive charge capacity. All in all this toothbrush does the job, although not much to shout about and it comes equipped supplied with a guarantee for 12 months.


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