Brush With The law

It seems that lately electric toothbrushes have become as desirable to thieves as those interested in oral hygiene.

In the recent riots in the UK a persistent looter in Walworth returned to a high street chemist shop three times but not for the reason you would expect. It turns out that each time she made off with her ill-gotten gains she was herself robbed! She admitted burglary of Boots in Walworth Rd when she appeared in court. More details here.

Meanwhile over in the USA another two persistent thieves have been arrested for stealing over $3 million worth of oral hygiene products over a period of two years. The stolen goods included such items as boxes of Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrushes worth about $120 each and Crest White Strips costing about $56. They ‘fenced’ them through a complicit pawn broker
who sold them via an ebay store. Full story