Oral-B Professional Care 500

Cleaning Action oscillate 7,600 / min and        pulsate 20,000 / min
Modes / Speeds 1 mode / 1 speed
Timer yes
Pressure Sensor no
Replaceable Head yes
Power Source rechargeable battery
Battery Life up to 62 min per charge
Charge Time 16 hrs
Charge Indicator yes
Guarantee 2 years
RRP £44.99

There is just a single speed and one mode namely daily clean. Having a selection of brushing modes and speeds can be desirable where more than one individual may have use of the toothbrush. Where that’s the case each user should put on a different brush head.

This brush enjoys a removable brush head. Only 1 head is included from new. This powered brush is provided with a charging stand yet it isn’t the most suitable selection for using on holiday because there’s no brush head case or holiday travel case.

The Professional Care 500 uses a head which possesses a combined rotating-oscillating-pulsating action more effective than a elementary vibration or rotation. This one oscillates with a rate of 7600 movements each minute and pulsates at a frequency of 20000 cycles per min. It has previously been established that electric brushes that employ a rotating oscillating mechanism remove a greater amount of oral plaque causing micro organisms hence reducing gingivitis more effectively than manual brushing.

This toothbrush has no pressure sensor but a two minute timer so you don’t have to guess how long you’ve been brushing your teeth.

Typical amongst electric toothbrushes the Professional Care 500 is rechargeable however it doesn’t have a power gauge so you may get caught out with a flat battery. Battery duration is 1 hour 2 mins (equivalent to 15 days) of twice daily use until you should charge however its advisable to maintain the batteries fully charged between every use. It needs 16 hours to fully recharge this model.

To sum up the Oral-B Professional Care 500 is a pretty unremarkable powered toothbrush and is provided with a 24 month warranty. It possesses an inadequate brushing action which should be the main ingredient of any electric brush but it demonstrated a pretty good battery capacity. Moreover it has a better than average charging duration.


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