Oral-B Pulsonic Slim

An intermediate powered toothbrush from Oral-B, the Pulsonic Slim enjoys the important functions without breaking the bank.

Cleaning Action sonic – 31,000 cycles / min
Modes / Speeds 2 mode / 1 speed
Timer quad (4 x 30 sec)
Pressure Sensor yes
Replaceable Head yes
Power Source rechargeable battery
Battery Life up to 62 min per charge
Charge Time 12 hrs
Charge Indicator yes
Guarantee 2 years
RRP £59.99

Sonic vibration brushes as in this Oral-B are the result of years of development of electric toothbrush production. The sonic wave agitates and breaks down the bacterial plaque covering the teeth and beneath the gingival line at the bottom of teeth.

The replaceable brushing head on this electric toothbrush is simply swapped. It comes with just one cleaning head. This powered brush rests on a stand to charge but it’s not the most apt selection for taking on the move because this one hasn’t got a brush cap or travel storage case.

As with the majority electric toothbrushes the Pulsonic Slim is rechargeable and has a charge indicator so you won’t get frustrated with a dead battery. It takes 12 hours to completely charge. Battery life is quoted as 1 hour 2 mins which equates to 2 weeks of twice daily use before a recharge is called for however its best to keep the batteries topped up after each brushing.

This brush has a pressure sensor which lets you know if you’re pressing too vigorously which may injure the gums and a 2 minute timer consisting of four lots of half minute periods one for every quadrant saving you from keep looking at the clock.

This toothbrush has only 1 speed and two cleaning modes namely daily clean mode and sensitive mode. A selection of speeds and modes can be handy where multiple users have use of the toothbrush. Where this is the situation every user should put on a different head.

To recap the Pulsonic Slim made by Oral-B is quite simply a superb powered brush and it comes supplied with a 24 month warranty. It is first class in relation to recharge duration. Moreover it is good with relation to it’s battery capacity and additionally it exhibits a brushing action we rate as worthy.


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