Oral-B Pulsonic Smart

Cleaning Action sonic – 31,000 cycles / min
Modes / Speeds 5 mode / 1 speed
Timer yes – wireless display
Pressure Sensor yes
Replaceable Head yes
Power Source rechargeable battery
Battery Life up to 48 min per charge
Charge Time 18 hrs
Charge Indicator yes
Guarantee 2 years
RRP £199.99

Most of the high level electric toothbrushes tend to be the best performing, and the Oral-B Pulsonic Smart fits in this level.

This specific example implements a dental cleansing operation that transmits sonic oscillations to the head. The high energy sonic oscillation reverberates and breaks down the bacterial plaque beneath the gum level at the bottom of teeth or on the surface of the teeth.

This electric toothbrush comes with a removable brushing head. This one comes packaged with 3 brush heads, more than most. It comes with a charging stand plus this brush has a protective case that holds two brush-heads, therefore good to carry on the go.

This example possesses 1 speed and 5 modes namely ‘daily clean’ mode, ‘extended clean’ mode, ‘massage’ mode, ‘polish’ mode and ‘sensitive’ mode. For people with sensitive teeth or gums the facility of a variety of cleaning modes and speeds may come in handy.

It has a 2 minute timer with 4 – 30 sec periods for each part of the mouth saving you from guessing along with a pressure indicator which warns if you are brushing too robustly and possibly result in gum damage.

This model, as is the norm, is a rechargeable toothbrush and incorporates a power indicator to inform you of what charge resides in the battery. Battery life is quoted as 48 mins or 12 days of twice daily brushing until you should recharge however with the latest rechargeable batteries its advisable to keep them fully charged. To completely charge requires 18 hours.

At the end of the day the Pulsonic Smart produced by Oral-B is simply fantastic and it is provided with a 24 month guarantee. This particular Oral-B has a recharging duration we view as better than average moreover it uses a better than average brushing action which must be the key element of any powered toothbrush. On the other hand it is average in respect of it’s charge capacity.


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