Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean

A large number of users believe a basic electric toothbrush is good enough, and the Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean falls slap bang in this group.

Cleaning Action oscillate 7,600 / min
Modes / Speeds 1 mode / 1 speed
Timer yes
Pressure Sensor no
Replaceable Head yes
Power Source rechargeable battery
Battery Life up to 41 min per charge
Charge Time 16 hrs
Charge Indicator no
Guarantee 2 years
RRP £29.99

There is no pressure indicator a detail which could have been handy but a two minute timer saving you from guessing.

Prevelant amongst powered toothbrushes this Oral-B is rechargeable but is lacking a charge indicator so you might be left with a flat battery. It requires 16 hours to completely recharge this model. Battery life is just 41 minutes or 10 days of recommended use until a charge is required however with the latest rechargeable batteries its probably advisable to maintain them charged.

A rotating / oscillating action is the defacto standard in terms of cleaning mechanism in electric brushes and is employed in this one; the brush-head attains 7600 movements per minute. This type of powered toothbrush will remove roughly twice as much bacterial plaque as a normal brush, provide you a dentist clean experience.

This electric toothbrush comes with a replaceable brush head. It comes with a single brushing head. This rechargeable brush rests on a charging stand although it’s not the most desireable alternative for using on the move because this model has no brush head case or travel storage case.

It possesses only one speed and just 1 brushing mode to play with. For users with gum problems the facility of a selection of cleaning speeds and modes can be a desirable virtue.

The Vitality Precision Clean made by Oral-B uses a brushing action we consider as mediocre which has to be the foundation of any electric toothbrush, additionally it exhibits a charge capacity we judge as poor. However it is pretty fast to charge. Overall this example is a rather unremarkable powered brush and is supplied with a 24 month guarantee.


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