Oral-B Vitality Sensitive

The Vitality Sensitive produced by Oral-B is a low priced powered toothbrush, giving a low price tag with a trade off of having a reduced number of features.

Cleaning Action oscillate 7,600 / min
Modes / Speeds 1 mode / 1 speed
Timer yes
Pressure Sensor no
Replaceable Head yes
Power Source rechargeable battery
Battery Life up to 41 min per charge
Charge Time 16 hrs
Charge Indicator no
Guarantee 2 years
RRP £29.99

This Oral-B, as seems to be typical, is a rechargeable brush but it is not equipped with a power gauge consequently you may get lumbered with a flat battery. Battery life should be 41 mins which equates to 10 days of normal brushing before you need to charge but with modern rechargeable batteries its said to be advisable to keep them charged. It requires 16 hours to fully recharge the Vitality Sensitive.

It possesses one speed and only a single cleaning mode. Having a selection of speeds and modes could be useful where not just  one user will be using the toothbrush. Where that is the case an alternate head must be put on for every person.

A rotating / oscillating mechanism is the benchmark in relation to brushing action in electric brushes and is employed in this incarnation, the brush-head manages 7600 brush strokes per minute. This category of electric toothbrush is shown to enhance your cleaning technique giving you that dentist clean feeling in your own home.

On this Oral-B the brush head is changeable. Just 1 head is provided. This model docks on a stand which also functions as a recharger but it isn’t the most apt alternative for taking on trips because this model has no storage cap or brush head case.

It has a 2 minute timer saving you from keep looking at your watch but no pressure sensor.

A few of the main features relating to the Oral-B Vitality Sensitive are that it demonstrated a charge capacity we rate as inadequate. Additonally it exhibits an unimpressive cleaning action yet it is worthy in relation to it’s charging duration. Overall this toothbrush achieves well enough, yet we’ve had better, it also comes provided with a 24 month warranty.


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